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The Conference

WOKE Entrepreneur Summit is upon us.  Auntie Lori has us social distancing, so  we're bringing WOKE SUMMIT to your crib!

The Vision 

3 Millennial/Xennial Entrepreneurs.

One Bag ($3000).

Are you ready?

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A Digital Vendor Fair Supporting Black Entrepreneurs


Since 2018, the WOKE Entrepreneur Summit has created a unique event experience for African American entrepreneurs aged 21-45.   As an "entrepreneurship conference for the culture", each year  we've brought together over 300 of Chicago's top Millennial entrepreneurs, Xennial entrepreneurs, and seasoned business leaders for a day of learning, networking, and celebration. Each conference has been amazing to say the least (No Cap)!


But this year, ish done got real y'all!  Many of us are trying to keep the doors open, figure out our next move, or how to pivot our businesses.  With this in mind, we wanted this year's #WOKESUMMIT to focus on COVID-19 recovery!  Consider this year's virtual WOKESUMMIT the #COVIDCLAPBACK edition.   

Keep That Same Energy....

(The Event Experience)

This year's WOKE will digitize the unique vibe of the in-person conference. Remember,   we call it "An Entrepreneurship Conference for the Culture" for a reason!  The event experience will combine elements of pop culture (i.e. trap music in the digital Lituation Room) and deep insight from subject matter experts within the demographic to create an impactful experience unique to African American Millennials and Xennials looking to launch a new venture or to expand their existing one.  We will also offer a digital exhibit hall where you can support black owned businesses.     Suits and formal attire are still highly discouraged (for some reason I don't think that this will be a problem this year lol).    

Confirmed Presenters
Stay WOKE!!!

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