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The Conference

WOKE Entrepreneur Summit is upon us.  Last year's conference was beyond lit, this year will be no different! Allow yourself to succumb to FOMO this year and get your tickets today!!!


This year we're honoring 10 WOKE Entrepreneurs aged 21-45 crushing their respective industries. Check out the 2019 WOKE10 Honorees!

The Vision 

3 Millennial/Xennial Entrepreneurs.

One Bag ($3000).

Are you ready?

An Entrepreneurship Conference "for the Culture"

The WOKE Entrepreneur Summit is a one-day conference hyper-focused on prospective and current African American Milliennial and Xennial entrepreneurs. Speakers will include 40+ top young entrepreneurs and thought leaders, as well as some of Chicago's top business leaders. The conference will consist of a morning plenary session, several morning and afternoon breakout sessions, and an inspiring afternoon keynote. 


Attendees will have the option to attend one of two tracks,  Launch It or Scale It.   The Launch It track will focus on helping young professionals launch their venture. Workshops will cover creating a business plan, getting incorporated, transitioning from a full-time job to full-time entrepreneurship and other core competencies needed to successfully launch their venture.  The Scale It track focuses on advanced business concepts such as growth strategy, finance, and procurement and helps established business owners take their enterprise to the next level.



The Event Experience 


The WOKE Entrepreneur Summit is not your typical entrepreneurship conference.  We call it "An Entrepreneurship Conference for the Culture" for a reason!  The event experience will combine elements of pop culture (i.e. rap music in the exhibit hall) and deep insight from subject matter experts within the demographic to create an impactful experience unique to African American Millennials and Xennials looking to launch a new venture or to expand their existing one.   Suits are highly discouraged, and casual flyness is preferred. 

Stay WOKE!!!

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